The Founder of Centre for Coastal and Deltaic Studies, Sindh University Campus Thatta

My dear Students

The Scientific community agrees now that the Climate Change is real and it is going to adversely affect the mankind due to rising earth surface temperature. As a consequence, the sea levels are rising at alarming rate posing serious threat to coastal and deltaic regions. The Seawater intrusion and coastal erosion alone is resulting in loss of large parts of coastal land, and deterioration of soil/water chemistry. In addition our living as well as non-living resources are being depleted due to disturbance in ecosystem.

Pakistan is blessed with a very long coast and one of the largest River Delta occurring in Thatta and Sujawal districts of Sindh. For many decades now the delta is facing the process of degradation due to decreased annual water/slit flow and rising sea level. The coastal Sindh is particularly vulnerable to erosion and sea intrusions due to its soft sediment composition and flat topography. In addition enhanced wave activity in monsoon season further increases the pressure on coastal environment. Hence it was felt that there is desperate need of academic and research facility in the area.

Under this scenario, establishment of CCDS at Thatta Campus will go a long way in providing much needed area specific academic and research facilities. This will help in building indigenous human resource capacity for providing research based solutions to protect and develop coastal and Deltaic resources and communities.

Prof. (Meritorious) Dr. Sarfraz Hussain Solangi

Prof. (Meritorious) Dr. Sarfraz Hussain Solangi

Prof. (Meritorious) Dr. Sarfraz Hussain Solangi